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Virtually all the editorial boards of major national newspapers, and many local and regional publications, have espoused the steel consumer position in the steel tariff debate. For example, since March 2002 when the 30 percent tariff was imposed, articles, editorials and opinion pieces have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Times, and many others.

The news articles listed below include descriptions of the steel-consumer argument and/or quotes from steel-consuming Task Force member companies or CITAC executives.

Letters to the Editor Written by CITAC STF Members. Read

Opinion Editorials or Commentary Pieces Supporting Consumers. Read

Steel News

2003 | 2002

February, 2003

  • The Wall Street Journal, “Why It May Pay to Buy Before Selling the Firm” by Jeff Bailey. 2/25/03  Read

  • Wall Street Journal editorial, “The Steel Tariff's Costs.” 2/25/03  Read

  • Barron's Online, “Turning On the Lights” by Jacqueline Doherty. 2/24/03  Read

  • The Wall Street Journal, “Investors Hedge Against Further Stock Declines, Then Hunker Down ” by Kopin Tan. 2/12/03  Read

  • Financial Times, “US steel users seek end to import tariffs” by Edward Alden. 2/5/03

  • Associated Press Newswires, “Study: Steel tariffs contributed to job layoffs and lost wages” by Lara Jakes Jordan. 2/4/03 

  • Reuters, “Bush steel tariffs cost 200,000 jobs – study”. 2/4/03

January, 2003

  • American Metal Market, “Buyers applaud call for full '201' import review” by Scott Robertson. 1/30/03 

  • American Metal Market, “US steelmakers called 'oblivious' to customers” by Nancy E. Kelly. 1/22/03

  • The Washington Times, “Eluding tariffs” by Jeffrey Sparshott.1/21/03

  • The Wall Street Journal, “Seeking an End to the Stock Storm” by Aaron Lucchetti. 1/6/03  Read



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