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   Letters to the Editor


Letters to the editor should generally not exceed 250 words in length. We suggest you submit the letter by both email (or online form) and by fax. To find out how to submit a letter to your local paper, find it on the Internet or contact for assistance.

Letters to Publications Around the Country

  • "Fabricated steel"
    by Lewis Leibowitz, Washington Times, April 28, 2003 Read
  • "High tariffs hurt steel consuming companies"
    by Lewis Leibowitz, The Herald-Dispatch, Huntington, April 28, 2003 Read
  • "Steel tariffs, pro and con"
    by Jon E. Jenson, Washington Times, January 22, 2003 Read
  • "Steel Tariffs simply led to price increases"
    by William E. Gaskin, The Columbus Dispatch, January 18, 2003 Read
  • "Are the Once Golden Geese Dying?"
    by Jim Zawacki, Wall Street Journal, February 13, 2002 Read
  • "201 Stakeholders Not Just Domestic and Foreign Mills"
    by Jon E.Jenson, American Metal Market, July 9,2001 Read
  • "Don't Kill the Messenger Who Says Steel Price, Quality are Key"
    by Jon E. Jenson, American Metal Market, May 21,2001 Read
  • "U.S. Steel Users Need Imports to be Competitive"
    by Jon E. Jenson, Cleveland Plain Dealer, March 12, 2001 Read





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