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CITAC Fights New Steel Trade Restrictions - Section 201 Campaign

  • Why New Restrictions are Not the Answer. Read

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  • Senate Finance Committee Testimony
    • Testimony of CITAC Chairman Jon Jenson on February 13, 2002. Read

  • CITAC 201 Remedy Study
    • "Estimated Economic Effects of Proposed Import Relief Remedies for Steel",
      December 19, 2001Read

    • CITAC's rebuttal to Domestic Steel Industry's Critique of its study. Read

  • CITAC Participation in 2001 International Trade Commission Section 201 Steel Investigation. Read

  • CITAC Steel Quota and Tax Study, May 2001
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CITAC opposes the "Continued Dumping and Subsidy Offset Act" (the so-called "Byrd Amendment") as a threat to consuming industries, their workers and to the Nation's economy. In addition, CITAC maintains that the amendment violates U.S. World Trade Organization (WTO) obligations. To learn more about the amendment and CITAC's position, please see:

  • Rushford Report: Arguments for and against the Byrd Amendment. May 2004 Read

  • CITAC: time to end trade-distorting Byrd Amendment payouts. 5/7/04 Read

  • U.S. Congress House of Representative members request General Accounting Office to provide a detailed analyses of the Byrd Amendment impact on recipient industry. April 30, 2004 Read

  • Byrd Amendment million dollar (or more) jackpot winners in 2003. See the list
  • Congressional Budget Office report on the Byrd Amendment. March 2004 Read
  • CITAC Issue Brief: The Continued Dumping and Subsidy Offset Act ("Byrd Amendment"),
    March 2, 2001 Read
  • CITAC Letter to Donald Evans, U.S. Department of Commerce - March 2, 2001 Read
  • Rising Transatlantic Tensions over the Byrd Amendment on Antidumping and Countervailing Duties, November 13, 2000 Read
  • CITAC Letter to the Honorable Senator Trent Lott, October 27, 2000 Read
  • CITAC Letter to the Honorable J Dennis Hastert - October 27, 2000 Read



Consuming industries dependent on open markets for lumber include homebuilders (including pre-manufactured homes and mobile homes), furniture manufacturers, makers of shelving and other home accessories and other industries. Collectively, these industries employ some six million workers, compared to 200,000 in lumber and allied industries, a ratio of 30 to 1. With the expiration of the Softwood Lumber Agreement, consideration of the welfare of consuming industries must weigh in to any decisions about further restrictions on trade in lumber. For more information on CITAC's positions, please see:

  • More Bad News For Lumber Users And Homebuyers: Commerce Department Layers Penalties On Canadian Softwood, October 31, 2001 Read

  • Consuming Industries Say Penalty On Softwood Lumber "Very Troubling" - August 15, 2001 Read

  • Citac Chairman Jenson Urges International Trade Commission To Heed Consumer Testimony In Softwood Lumber Decision - April 23, 2001 Read



U.S. manufacturers of ammonium nitrate, claiming injury due to imports from Ukraine, filed a trade case in October 2000. The filing will effectively end imports of ammonium nitrate, a key ingredient in fertilizer, to the United States from Ukraine. These same producers filed a similar case against Russia a year earlier that reduced imports of nitrate from Russia to a trickle. The loss of these important sources of affordable nitrate has put farmers in a shortage bind. The import disruption is complicated by the failure of U.S. producers to makeup the shortfall and meet U.S. demand. For more information on CITAC's position, please see:

  • Import Restraints Hitting the Heartland: Serious Fertilizer Shortage Threatens Family Farmers - February 13, 2001 Read





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