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CITAC members include American producers of electrical equipment, oil and gas drilling contractors and producers, automobile manufacturers, makers of fabricated metal products, food equipment and other products and consumers, including farmers and retailers.


CITAC's Objectives

CITAC's short-term objective is to vigilantly monitor and oppose legislative proposals that would make U.S. trade laws harder on consuming industries. CITAC is also promoting affirmative measures to enhance the role of consuming industries in the trade debate, and to open channels of trade for American producers and consumers.

CITAC's long-term objective is to create a continuing group of firms and organizations of like mind to ensure consideration of consuming industries' concerns in trade policymaking.

Read the CITAC Agenda for 2003.


Membership Benefits

Alliance with a wide range of U.S. producers and consuming industries to create a critical mass to influence trade policy on Capitol Hill and in the Administration.

A voice and advocate in Washington for your company and industry. For small businesses around the country, CITAC is your Washington office that provides support for your government relations activities. For associations, CITAC serves as a satellite office to help respond and provide benefits to your members.

Access to the latest information about potential trade actions and developments that could affect your industry directly.

Affirmative, pro-active efforts to increase the involvement and influence of consuming industries in the trade debate. For example:

The Transparency and Fairness Trade Act

Active participation in International Trade Commission hearings

Strong stands on legislative initiatives such as trade agreements, WTO negotiations, antidumping and safeguard measures, and others

Lobbying activities, including Consuming Industries Lobby Days and continual interaction by CITAC staff and members and trade policymakers.

Special, targeted advocacy programs to battle protectionist initiatives by uncompetitive domestic industries such as steel, lumber and textiles.

Education and awareness programs for consuming industries and their employees. CITAC is working to engage all users of imported materials to understand the trade policy process, know their rights and facilitate their active participation in the process.


The CITAC Team

CITAC has a team of highly respected trade policy professionals to ensure the organization is an active player in the Washington trade policy arena.

Chairman Michael Fanning, Vice President, Public Relations and Government Affairs, Michelin North America, with oversight of staff in the US, Canada and Mexico who support internal/external communications for the company.

Vice Chairman Jon E. Jenson, President Emeritus of the Precision Metalforming Association, a 1,600-member trade association of metal working companies.

Executive Director Steve Alexander, President of The CMR Group, a Washington-based Public Affairs and Government Relations Consulting Firm.

Counsel Lewis E. Leibowitz, Partner, Hogan & Hartson LLP. International trade attorney with 20 years experience in trade remedy, trade policy and trade legislation.

Co-Counsel Lynn G. Kamarck, Counsel, Hogan & Hartson LLP. Attorney specializing in trade remedy law and policy matters. Former Senior Counsel for Antidumping and Countervailing Duty, U.S. Department of Commerce.

Communications Counsel The PBN Company. An international strategic communications firm well versed in international trade issues, providing media relations and public affairs expertise.

Others on the team include professional economists and policy experts dedicated to providing ongoing Washington-based support to America's downstream manufacturers.


How To Join

There is already a lot of momentum building on Capitol Hill to change the trade laws to the detriment of consuming industries. Congress will conduct an in-depth debate on trade this year, making an ideal time for consuming industries and all free-trade advocates to weigh in. If consuming industries and their concerns are not heard this year, the laws enacted could have devastating effects in the future.

You can join by filling in the form on this site or by contacting CITAC's Washington office.







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