Injury Phase:
CITAC Testifies In Injury Hearing on September 17.  Read
Testimony of William E. Sopko President, Stamco Industries Inc.,
John C. Kennedy, Autocam Corporation.,
Lewis E. Leibowitz, CITAC Counsel. 

CITAC posthearing injury brief. Read

Remedy Phase:

Remedy Hearings, November 8 & 9
Statement of Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) Read
Statement of Nathan Deal (R-GA) Read
Statement of Johnny Isakson (R-GA) Read
Testimony of James O'Donnell, Camcraft, Inc. Read
Testimony of Lewis E. Leibowitz, CITAC Counsel. Read
Testimony of John C. Kennedy, Autocam Corporation. Read

CITAC Leads Consumer Testimony on November 6.
Jon Jenson, CITAC Chairman. Read
James Zawacki, President, GR Spring and Stamping. Read
Mark J. Erickson, President, Thomas Engineering Company. Read
William E. Sopko, President and CEO, Stamco Industries, Inc. Read
CITAC Exhibit 1: "U.S. Steel Prices Compared to Foreign Markets". Read

Instructions on how to file a product exclusion request. Read

201 remedy brief, October 29, 2001. Read Submissions :

CITAC January 15 Submission to USTR Download PDF

CITAC Submission to US Trade Representative (submitted
January 4, 2002)  Download PDF





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