U.S. Steel Prices Compared to Foreign Markets

Flat Products

Prices in dollars per metric ton

Steel Product American Metal Market Black Sea/Baltic Sea Brussels ECSC Far East Latin America
Hot Rolled Flat 253.53 160.00-175.00 210.00-215.00 200.00-220.00 170.00-190.00 180.00-200.00
Cold Rolled Flat 330.69 210.00-230.00 225.00-240.00 300.00-325.00 270.00-290.00 270.00-285.00
Galvanized Flat 352.74-639.34 no data 280.00-300.00 310.00-400.00 no data 340.00-390.00


American Metal Market prices are based on the American Metal Market, Steel Base Prices for October 30, 2001. These prices were for specific products, and represent the market price in U.S. dollars per metric ton, f.o.b. mill (converted from prices in dollars per hundredweight in original AMM compilation).

Global market prices, including Black Sea/Baltic Sea, Brussels, ECSC, Far East, and Latin American markets, are based on the Metal Bulletin listing for dates close to October 30 - the most recent listings are October 25 or October 31. These listings are by day. The Metal Bulletin listings represent the market price in U.S. dollars per metric ton.





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