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The CITAC Steel Task Force is a coalition of companies and organizations representing steel users, ports, and related industries in Washington. The STF was formed in 2002 to seek removal of the Section 201 tariffs on imported steel, which was accomplished in December of 2003. Today, the STF continues as an organization dedicated to representing the concerns of steel consumers on trade policy matters.

The CITAC Steel Task Force's overall mission is to provide a voice to steel consuming manufacturers, their workers and their communities in the development of U.S. government policy on trade and other economic issues of concern to its members and to ensure that steel consumers’ interests are adequately considered in the development of U.S. trade policy.

Steel consumers — who employ 59 employees for every one employed by steel producers — all too often bear the brunt of protectionist policies designed to support domestic steel producers and other narrow sectors of the economy. The STF's objective is to oppose government policies that harm U.S. steel consumers.

Steel consumers need a strong and viable domestic steel industry that is able to produce and deliver a consistent, stable supply of competitively priced, high quality steel, and is not dependent on government interventions in the marketplace. Steel consumers also need a steady supply of imported steel because domestic production can only meet 75-80 percent of the needs of U.S. steel consumers. STF seeks to promote strong domestic steel producing and steel consuming sectors that work together to ensure a stable supply of competitively priced raw material.

Steel consumers are not concerned solely about price. They are equally concerned about stability of supply, and availability of the quantities and qualities of steel needed to make their products. The STF supports government policies that draw attention to the needs of steel consumers in the development of trade policy and trade remedy laws and practices. The STF will seek every opportunity to communicate these concerns to policymakers at all levels.

The CITAC STF serves as the primary voice for steel consumers with Congress and the Executive Branch. The STF conducts targeted communications and grass roots campaigns where appropriate to achieve its objectives. The STF works closely with CITAC.

Membership in the CITAC Steel Task Force is open to steel-consuming manufacturers, associations and other organizations with an interest in a stable, competitively priced supply of steel to the U. S. market. For further information, please contact at , or Steve Alexander at .




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