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    The Successful Fight Against Steel Tariffs


ITC Mid-Point Review Release

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Three members of the U.S. House joined with members of CITAC STF and the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) at an "End the Steel Tariffs" rally outside the U.S. Capitol on October 2, 2003.

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In connection with the International Trade Commissions release of its midpoint review on Friday, September 19, over 100 manufacturers gathered at an End the Steel Tariffs rally in Minnesota.

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Rep. Mark Kennedy speaks at the End the Steel Tariffs rally.


  • More than Two Hundred Steel Consuming Companies/Organizations Sign Letter to President Bush Urging Immediate Termination of the Steel Tariffs. 10/29/03 Press Release | Letter to Pres. Bush
  • Memo regarding Authority of Trading Partners to Suspend Concessions (Retaliate) under WTO Safeguards Agreement. 10/29/03 Read
  • CITAC STF: President Bush Can Terminate Steel Tariffs; Domestic Steel Industry Paper Arguing Otherwise Uses “Stunningly Illogical Interpretation” of Trade Law. 10/14/03 Read
  • Memo regarding Presidential Authority to Terminate Steel Safeguard Measures based on "Changed Economic Circumstances" and Authority of Trading Partners to Suspend Concessions (Retaliate) under WTO Safeguards Agreement. 10/14/03 Read
  • CITAC Comments on Treatments of Section 201 Duties and Countervailing Duties Submitted to U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration. 10/9/03 Read
  • CITAC Steel Task Force Press Release on Midpoint Review: Steel Consumers Tell President Bush to "Terminate the Tariffs!" 9/19/03 Read
  • Section 332 Study Fact Sheet: "Steel Consuming Industries: Competitive Conditions with Respect to Steel Safeguard Measures" Read
  • The Wall Street Journal editorial Steel Our Wealth". 9/23/03 Read


Congressional Hearrings And STF Members Testimonies

  • June 19 - 20, 2003: Steel Consumers Testify Before International Trade Commission Concerning Investigation 332-452, "Steel-Consuming Industries: Competitive Conditions with Respect to Steel Safeguard Measures" more

March 26, 2003: Hearing on "The Impact of The Section 201 Safeguard Action on Certain Steel Products". Read Testimony

September 25, 2002: House Small Business Committee Hearing: "Lost Jobs; More Imports  The Unintended Consequences of Steel Tariffs" at 2361 Rayburn Office Bldg.
Read Testimony

  • CITAC President Jon Jenson's letter to Under Secretary for International Trade, Grant Aldonas. 9/10/02 Read
  • CITAC Steel Task Force Member Tells House Committee: "There Are Thousands Of Small Companies Out There Just Like Us". 9/3/02 Read

July 23, 2002: American Manufacturers Testify Before House Small Business Committee
Read Testimony




  • Letter to ITC Chairman Deanna Tanner Okun on the Section 332 investigation on steel consuming industries and the mid-point review. 05/16/03 Read
  • Letter from House Ways & Means Committee to ITC Chairman. 3/18/03 Read
  • Letter to Ambassador Zoellick and Secretary Evans on Opposition to Requests for Further Expansion of Steel Tariffs. 1/22/03 Read





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