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Virtually all the editorial boards of major national newspapers, and many local and regional publications, have espoused the steel consumer position in the steel tariff debate. For example, since March 2002 when the 30 percent tariff was imposed, articles, editorials and opinion pieces have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Times, and many others.

The news articles listed below include descriptions of the steel-consumer argument and/or quotes from steel-consuming Task Force member companies or CITAC executives.

  • Letters to the Editor Written by CITAC STF Members. Read
  • Opinion Editorials or Commentary Pieces Supporting Consumers. Read


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April, 2005

  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "It's User Against Supplier; Tariffs on Foreign Steel Spark Debate" by Rick Barrett. 4/18/05  Read

  • The New York Times, "Rising Steel Prices Force Changes in Construction Plans" by Susan Diesenhouse. 4/13/05  Read

  • BusinessWeek, "Getting Emerson Humming Again" by James Berges. 4/11/05  Read

March, 2005

  • New Orleans CityBusiness (New Orleans, LA), "Steel Costs Drive Debate over Higher Car Prices" by Chris Price. 3/21/05  Read

  • Tulsa World (Oklahoma), "Pricey Steel: A Hard Fact" by Robert Evatt World Staff Writer. 3/20/05  Read

  • American Metal Market, "Class in Session: Need Competitive Edge" by Scott Robertson. 3/04/05  Read

  • The Associated Press, "Steelmakers Clash with Other Manufacturers over Tariffs" by Malia Rulon. 3/02/05  Read

February, 2005

  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Steel Supply Puts Manufacturers in a Pinch; Majority of Companies Surveyed Say January Orders Came Incomplete or Late" by Rick Barrett. 2/28/05  Read

  • Scripps Howard News Service (Sacramento Bee), "Soaring Steel Prices Hurting Builders" by Jon Ortiz. 2/23/05  Read

  • The Washington Post, "Steel Prices Hurt Auto-Parts Business; Industry Study Warns Of Job Losses" by Greg Schneider, Washington Post Staff Writer. 2/16/05  Read



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