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Imported Shrimp:
A Healthy and
Safe Food

Imported shrimp is part of a healthy diet, and a rigorous testing and quality assessment program ensures that all imported shrimp consumed in the United States is a healthy and safe product. More

Facts About the Shrimp Trade Case

Will Jobs Be Impacted?

What's in it for the Petitioners?

Read Congress' letter to Commerce Secretary Evans: "Objectivity in Frozen Shrimp Anti-Dumping Determinations", May 7, 2004

Read Rushford Report on Public Citizen's Anti-Shrimp Campaign, May, 2004

Why "Zeroing" Adds Up To A Big Negative For U.S. Consumers! View the new Shrimp Task Force print ad
View previous print ad

Wally Stevens' response to Southern Shrimp Alliance on tsunami tragedy. 1/20/05 Read

Statement from Wally Stevens, President of the American Seafood Distributors Association (ASDA) and Shrimp Task Force Chairman, on non-protectionist solution to shrimp dumping case. 12/24/04 Read

Shrimp Task Force Chairman Wally Stevens' letter to Southern Shrimp Alliance President Eddie Gordon on Shrimp Antidumping Investigations. 11/08/04 Read

Read Wally Stevens' op-ed in the Journal of Commerce, "Protectionism won't help shrimpers" from 12/20/04

Task Force Releases Three New Studies:

Shrimp prices will skyrocket if taxes imposed on imports. Read (PDF)

Shrimp menu offerings rose at nation's top 200 restaurants during past five years.
Read (PDF)

Grocery store shrimp sales climb thanks to imports. Read (PDF)

Read Opening Statements from Task Force Press Conference, June 23, 2004

The Commerce Department's "Frankenshrimp"

The Commerce Department's Whether shrimp imports into the United States are subject to high antidumping duties is determined in large part by how the Commerce Department (DOC) compares prices for shrimp exported to the United States to prices for shrimp exported to other countries. More

News Coverage:

"Bubba Gump Protectionism" The Wall Street Journal Editorial, 07/19/04 Read

Task Force Member Russ Mentzer's op-ed in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, 06/14/04 Read

"A Fishy Approach to Fair Trade" Washington Post, 03/29/04 Read

Press Releases:

Domestic Shrimpers Have Nothing to Fear From ITC Investigation That Could End Duties on Thai and Indian Shrimp Imports.
4/29/05 Read

Seafood Exporters Assoc. of India: U.S. Government Initiates Investigation of Tsunami Damage to Shrimp Industry.
4/25/05 Read

American Consumers Big Losers in ITC Final Injury Vote on Imported Shrimp Duties. 1/06/05 Read

Commerce Department Holiday Gift to American Consumers: A New Shrimp Tax.
12/20/04 Read

Shrimp Task Force
Responds to SSA
Statement on "Zeroing."
12/17/04 Read

U.S. Will End "Zeroing" in Canada Lumber Dumping Case; Commerce Department Should End Same WTO-Illegal Practice in Shrimp Trade Case.
12/14/04 Read

American Consumers to Pay More for Shrimp; Commerce Department Imposes Duties on Shrimp Imports from Vietnam and China.
11/30/04 Read

Members of Congress Urge Commerce Department to Take Fair and Balanced Approach to Shrimp Trade Case. 11/18/04 Read

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Shrimp Task Force
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April 1st, 2004
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