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CITAC Shrimp Task Force


  • Shrimp Task Force Disappointed at Southern Shrimp Alliance Disregard for American Soybean Farmers. 11/08/04 Read

  • Shrimp Import Tax Could Lead to Lost Business and Loss of U.S. Soybean Exports, American Soybean Association Warns. 11/04/04 Read
  • Food Tax Threatens Record Shrimp Consumption Levels. Shrimp Task Force Continues Fight Against Unjustified, Destructive Dumping Duties on America's #1 Seafood. 10/19/04 Read
  • Shrimp Task Force Welcomes U.S. Government Analysis That Domestic Shrimp Industry Must Downsize and Restructure to Survive. 8/19/04 Read
  • Shrimp Task Force Blasts New Food Tax on Shrimp Imports From Brazil, Ecuador, India and Thailand; Vows to Continue Fight to Defeat "Unnecessary, Undeserved, and Unwise Protectionism." 7/29/04 Read
  • CITAC/ASDA Shrimp Task Force Launches Ad Campaign Warning Consumers of Higher Prices as a Result of Shrimp Import Duties. 7/07/04 Read
  • Shrimp Task Force to Continue to Fight Against Food Tax on Shrimp Imports From China and Vietnam. 7/06/04 Read
  • Shrimp Trade Case Threatens U.S. Exports. 7/02/04 Read
  • CITAC/ASDA Shrimp Task Force Ridicules Shrimper's Absurd Conclusions That ‘Blame’ Record U.S. Shrimp Consumption on High Prices. 7/02/04 Read
  • Shrimp Task Force Challenges U.S. Shrimp Group. 6/25/04 Read
  • New Studies Show Price Hikes if Import Tariffs Imposed on Shrimp Imports; Menu Offerings Rose; Retail Sales Up. 6/23/04 Read
  • SSA Asks Commerce Dept. To Bend Rules, Impose Retroactive Duties. 5/25/04 Read
  • Commerce Department Postpones Preliminary Determination of Duties. 5/19/04 Read
  • Global Aquaculture Alliance: "Public Citizen Misinforms Consumers." 4/30/04 Read
  • "SSA Alliance With Public Citizen Misguided, Detrimental To Consumers" by Wally Stevens, ASDA President and ASDA/CITAC Shrimp Task Force Chairman.
    4/23/04 Read
  • NFI: Farmed Shrimp Is Safe; Meets Same High Safety Standards As Wild-Caught Shrimp. 4/22/04 Read
  • U.S. Restaurants, Grocers, Seafood Distributors And Other Consuming Industries Unite To Fight $2.4 Billion Shrimp Trade Case. 4/01/04 Read