CITAC Shrimp Task Force

Statement from Wally Stevens, President of the American Seafood Distributors Association (ASDA) and Shrimp Task Force Chairman, on non-protectionist solution to shrimp dumping case

The seafood importing and distribution community has long attempted to reach out to domestic shrimpers to find ways to assist them in restructuring their industry so that it is competitive in the global marketplace. Seafood importers have in the past offered assistance in helping the domestic shrimp industry restructure and have long advised the domestic shrimp industry that going to Washington , DC to seek protection from competition and hoping for Byrd Amendment money in the distant future are not the answer to the industry's future viability. The fact that the Commerce Department found dumping margins far, far lower than those requested by the domestic shrimp industry is evidence that our advice was correct. The shrimp anti-dumping petition benefits no one, but instead causes havoc in the market, raises prices for consumers and hurts thousands of Americans who work in the shrimp consuming sector.

Throughout the recent anti-dumping investigation, we have remained in contact with the domestic shrimp industry, with whom we work on a daily basis. Members of the importing community have long held informal discussions with members of the domestic industry concerning ways to avoid legal action, which we believe is bad for importers and the domestic industry alike. However, no specific offers have been made nor are active negotiations taking place at this time.

It is time for government intervention, not government protectionism in the form of a tax on America 's #1 seafood. We urge our elected officials to play a constructive role by bringing together both sides to seek a solution that would actually bring benefit to the domestic shrimpers. The seafood importing and distribution community has always been ready to come to the table to find solutions to our industry's problems, and remains willing to do so.



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