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  • CITAC Letter to Bush- CheneyTransition Office. 12/22/2000 Read

  • CITAC Letter to the Committee on Ways and Means. 11/22/2000 Read

  • CITAC Letter to the Honorable Senator Trent Lott. 10/27/2000 Read

  • CITAC Letter to the Honorable J Dennis Hastert. 10/27/2000 Read

  • CITAC Letter to the President of the United States. 10/26/2000 Read

  • CITAC's Letter to the Secretary of the U.S. International Trade Commission. 9/19/2000 Read

  • Statement of Jon E. Jenson to the Congressional Steel Caucus. 8/14/2000 Read

  • CITAC hosts seminar: "America's Consuming Industries & the New Global Economy" in Washington, D.C. 6/27/2000 Read

  • Response to the Secretary of Commerce on the WTO Ruling on U.S. Countervailing
    Duty Law. 5/17/2000 Read

  • Letter on China PNTR. 5/8/2000 Read

  • Speech by Lewis Leibowitz at the ESI-CELI Congressional Forum entitled: "Lessons of America's Steel Crisis: Past and Present". 3/15/2000 Read






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