• "The Unintended Consequences of U.S. Steel Import Tariffs:
    A Quantification of the Impact During 2002" by Dr. Joseph Francois and Laura M. Baughman Updated 2/7/03 Summary | Full Study
  • Press Release 2/10/03
    CITAC Steel Task Force Stands by "Solid and Conservative" Economic Analysis. Read
  • Responses to Comments on CITAC STF Study. 2/14/03 Read
  • Letter to the editor of the Financial Times from Laura Baughman in reaction to the FT's critical article of Feb. 9. 2/24/03 Read
  • Background on the Steel 201 Remedy. 2/4/03 Read
  • U.S. Steel Users Claim Tariffs "Protect a Few at the Expense of the Majority"  
    Article published by the Wharton School of Business at U. Penn calling the pattern of consumer pain from trade protection "traditional". 2/12/03  Read
  • Dr. Gary Hufbauer and his colleague Ben Goodrich clarify their views on "Steel Protection and Job Dislocation". 2/12/03   Read







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