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Details on Testifying at the International Trade Commission Hearing
on the Impact of the Steel Safeguards Measures on Steel Consumers

What: Please testify at the International Trade Commission's (ITC) hearing on "Steel-Consuming Industries: Competitive Conditions with Respect to Steel Safeguard Measures", Inv. No. 332-452.

When: June 19, beginning at 9:30 a.m. If there are a significant number of requests to testify, it is possible that the International Trade Commission will add additional hearing dates.


How: To testify, call Nancy Carman, Congressional Affairs for the International Trade Commission, at  (fax: ). Also send a very brief letter to Marilyn Abbott, Secretary, U.S. International Trade Commission, (fax:). In the letter simply state your request to testify, whether a staff person will be attending, and ask to be notified of the specific schedule. Please send this request as soon as possible, but by June 2nd at the latest.

Why: Through this hearing, and investigation, the ITC will review the impact of the steel tariffs on U.S. steel consuming interests. The ITC will focus on increases in steel prices, job loss, product shortages, overseas production shifts, and other factors. This hearing is critical to CITAC's effort to provide relief to U.S. steel consuming companies. Therefore, it is important for all Members whose districts have been adversely affected by the steel tariffs to testify at the hearing and explain the damage felt by companies in their district.

Questions: Contact Laurin Baker at ,



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