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     Our Mission



Terminate 201 Steel Tariffs by Mid-Point Review.
The repeal of the steel tariffs that are wreaking havoc in the steel market for downstream manufacturers is our top priority. Higher prices, uncertain supply due to allocations and long lead-times, broken contracts and quality problems are forcing steel users to the brink of disaster. We strongly urge the Bush Administration to review the economic impacts and unintended consequences of its decision by the Mid-Point Review (September 2003) and act to end this tax on steel-using industries.

Reform U.S. Trade Law and Policies for the Benefit of Steel Consumers.
Trade law and policy do not adequately consider the interests of consuming industries. Antidumping, countervailing duty and safeguard cases allow consumers to participate, but not as full parties. Yet U.S. companies who utilize imported material are most directly and adversely impacted by trade restrictions on steel imports. We are intensely working to change these unfair practices.

Build Political Recognition for Steel-Using Manufacturers.
Steel-using manufacturers have created tens of thousands of jobs over the last six years - today they employ 13 million Americans compared to about 200,000 in steel-producing industries. Most are small businesses, which have been the growth engine for the American economy. Steel-using industries provide good jobs and are invaluable contributors to their communities. Now steel users are organized as never before. We are making sure these voices are heard in the political process and educating policymakers about the importance of maintaining access to globally competitive raw materials.




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