H.R. 808 - You ARE the weakest link!

H.R. 808 failed to get any answers correct in this round&

X It will COST more good, high-paying American jobs than it will protect.

X It will encourage increased IMPORTS of finished, steel-containing products - cars, refrigerators, machinery, electric motors, etc.

X It will conversely HURT steel producers by having a negative impact on their customer-base - steel consumers.

X It will impose a HUGE TAX BURDEN on American consumers generally, at a time they can least afford to pay it.

So, H.R. 808, you ARE the weakest link - Goodbye!


  • Give consumers a voice in the steel policy-formulation process;
  • Allow imports of steel products unavailable from U.S. suppliers;
  • Do not layer steel quotas on top of other types of import restrictions;
  • Do not rush the process with an early imposition of steel quotas.

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