Will President Bush Bring Home the Gold for America?

The Olympics may be over, but the President has one more chance to bring home another gold medal for America by

    Save U.S. taxpayers $4 billion annually
    Save 74,500 good U.S. jobs throughout the economy
    Save 30,600 steel-consuming jobs

No, he doesn't have to skate a triple Lutz or ski the giant slalom, he simply must refrain from imposing steel import restrictions in the Section 201 trade case.

You too can win gold for America: Urge the President NOT to impose steel import restrictions in the Section 201 investigation.


  • No hidden consumer tax for steel company promises to workers.
  • Give consumers a voice in the steel policy formulation process.
  • Allow imports of steel products unavailable from U.S. suppliers.

Get all the facts: Call CITAC

The Consuming Industries Trade Action Coalition