Remember that bill - HR 808 - which was loaded with goodies for the steel industry? Well, it's back in the form of a discharge petition (HRes 304), only this time it looks a little different&.

Remember the five-year quotas? STRIPPED OUT!

Remember the $500 million grant program? STRIPPED OUT!

Remember expansion of the loan guarantee program? STRIPPED OUT!


BUT THEY STOPPED STRIPPING TOO SOON! What's left is the tax on all steel sold, imported or domestic, to subsidize companies that have retiree health care obligations. This provision would bail out the integrated steel mills from promises they now can't keep. Successful steel minimills strenuously oppose such a bailout.

Steel consumers should not be stuck with the bill for
these ill-advised promises to retired workers.

PLEASE DON'T SIGN THIS DISCHARGE PETITION (HRes 304), OR REMOVE YOUR NAME IF YOU ALREADY HAVE SIGNED. It is not fair, it is not even uniformly supported within the steel industry, and this new tax would have a devastating impact on consuming industries. Ironically, this tax on steel purchases would cause a net LOSS of more than 400 steel jobs in the United States, and another 18,000 jobs in major steel-consuming industries.

Get all the facts: Call CITAC

  • Give consumers a voice in the steel policy formulation process.
  • Allow imports of steel products unavailable from U.S. suppliers.
  • No hidden consumer tax for steel company promises to workers.

Get all the facts: Call CITAC
The Consuming Industries Trade Action Coalition