Don't Go Breaking Our Hearts This Valentine's Day

Urge the President NOT to impose steel import
restrictions in the Section 201 trade case and

    Save U.S. taxpayers $4 billion annually
    Save 74,500 good U.S. jobs throughout the economy
    Save 30,600 steel-consuming jobs

Don't sign, or remove your name from, H. Res. 304,
the discharge petition for H.R. 808

    Save more than 400 steel-producing jobs
    Save 18,000 steel-consuming jobs
    Save 125,000 jobs across the economy


  • No hidden consumer tax for steel company promises to workers.
  • Give consumers a voice in the steel policy formulation process.
  • Allow imports of steel products unavailable from U.S. suppliers.

Get all the facts: Call CITAC

The Consuming Industries Trade Action Coalition